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Problem with install.bat

Question asked by Phil_S on Dec 23, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2012 by Uruj
I am attempting to install a test version of Clarity on a 64bit Laptop running Windows 7. All seems to go well until I get to the point where I am asked to enter an admin password by the install.bat process. At that point I get the message:  \PC was unexpected at this timeResult: 255\PC was unexpected at this timeBuild Failed  - and so on.  The referenced code at this point looks like this:      
                  Niku System Administrator Password
                  The NSA Password is used to secure the remote monitoring
                  and management of all servers in a cluster. Thus each
                  server participating in the cluster must have the same
        I am attaching a log file and a copy of my system environment variables.  Googling about the error shows many instances of people getting an error of this type - usually " ws unexpected at this time". They appear to be due to either path settings of an unusual/unexpected type or of bugs in the install.bat script itself. In particular there are some reports of problems relating to Windows 64 bit systems where the default path for many files is in the format "C:\Program Files (x86)..." those parantheses can apparently cause problem when used in conjunction with the type of IF statements. I have tried to get rid of path and application settings with a format which looks like this - but still no luck.  Any tips greatfully appreciated.