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Question asked by sundar on Dec 25, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2009 by Itai
Hi,  we are not using Clarity Datamart   (7.5.2 Fixpack 02 going to V12.0.5 in 6 months time). The main reason we have not used datamart is the performance,it almostkills the app and runs for 8-16 hours.we have build an seperate datamart (A job will populate data from clarity DB to Custom DB which is build based on our own requirements).we build nearly 30 MIS Reports based on our DataMart and all devleoped using Crystal Reports XII.The data that is Not Live but 1 Day delay is ok for us.  i have only the   Clarity 7.5.x Datamart: Technical White Paper,is there any thing like that for v12.   Now as we are moving to v12 sp 05 (With an better Hardware) and also it seems it has an good performance (Now we know some better ways to handle performance) and also it have BO as reporting we have a thought that can we use the OOB Datamart itself for our reporting.  My questions:-  1. How other organisations are using datamart and handles performance issues.2. Is there any known Issues using datamart (Related to v12.x)3. Are you using only datamart for your reporting?4. How best we can use Datamart Jobs with out affecting app & Db performance.  cheers,sundar