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timesheet notifications - error within URL

Question asked by isabelleallen on Jan 8, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2010 by isabelleallen
Hi everyone,     Ive just discovered an issue with the timesheet reminder notifications for our environment.   This hasnt occurred before & i have no idea where to begin on fixing it.     The URL in the email sent to users has local host rather than   See example:     Timesheet overdue for resource: Isabelle ALLEN.  Time period starting: 28/12/09    Please submit the timesheet.  To view the timesheet, click on:  localhost/niku/app?action=timeadmin <a href="http://localhost/niku/app?action=timeadmin.editTimesheet&resid=5031009&tpid=5000266&redirectAction=timeadmin.editTimesheet"></a>     Ive attached an example notification with the full html.       Any suggestions??     Cheers  Isabelle