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"Time Scaled Values" configuration differences v7/8

Question asked by Dave on Jan 8, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2010 by Dave
Just an observation (or maybe I'm missing something)?  I have access to a v7.5.3 instance, and when I select "Time-scaled Value" from a portlet or from a "Detail" page (on the [--Actions--] drop-down), I get a host of options to change both the "Time Scale" of what I am looking at AND the details ("General" and "Display") of the time-scaled field (like the attributes, how the field is displayed etc).  I also have access to a V8 and a V12 instance, and when I select "Time-scaled Value" in the same screens I only get the "Time Scale" options - I don't get the "General" and "Display" options?     I can get to those options through [--Actions--]:Configure, then going to the Fields and selecting the appropriate [virtual]/Time Scaled value field, (the options here are what I expected to see when I just select "Time-scaled Value").  SO: has something significant "changed" (deliberately or otherwise) between V7.5.3 and V8/12 in how "Time Scaled Values"can be configured by end-users?   (or is there some sort of setting that controls this and that is my "problem").  (My problem is that I am happy telling end-users how to select one option (the "Time-scaled value") and change the values, but if I have to tell them to go to Configure, select the Fields under the List Column Section, identify the correct virtual field and then edit its properties; then thats a pain!)  ?  EDIT : added an image of what I mean! Message Edited by Dave on 08-01-2010 05:40 PM [left]