Format Portlet Graph Mouse Over Values

Discussion created by bj on Jan 11, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2010 by bj
Is there anyway to format values on a column graph that show up with the mouse over?  I have an NSQL query which returns a text value with 2 number totals.   They are large numbers in the millions.  The Y-Axis I have showing in Millions but when you mouse of a column for the text field the number shows as 547633324, I would rather 547,633,324.  If I format this in the Oracle Query part of the NSQL using a TO_CHAR(547633324,"999,999,999") then  I cannot use the value in the graph portlet, as it is a char and not graphable.  So is there a way in the NSQL to format the number or am I missing something in the portlet options?  Help always appreciated.