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Question asked by bj on Jan 12, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2010 by bj
Hi All  I am trying to right an NSQL query to total the planned cost of a set of Idea records.   We are not using the full financials module and the only cost attribute we use on the Idea is the Planned Cost.   When i look in Studio at the Idea Object, I beleive the Field is FIN_FINANCIALS.PLANNED_COST.  I have the following NSQL: (this is the NSQL from my TEST Lookup)  SELECT,
odf_ca_idea i,
fin_financials f,
inv_investments invwhere = '5001000'
and =  ) mainwhere @FILTER@  and it returns data that looks like this:5001000          ID10146              [B@1f329f0[/indent]  So the PLANNED_COST field was not what I was expecting and I am led to beleive it is a BLOB based on the oracle error messages I get when trying to do comparison on this field.  So am I on the right track?   Is there a way of extracting the Planned Cost from this apparant BLOB field?   The ER diagram in the TechRef is not overly helpful.   Is it actually in another fild in another table?  All help and assistance greatly appreciated.