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Staging Evnrionment Down

Question asked by armsct48 on Jan 12, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2010 by armsct48
I changed the password for SSL via NSA and then Stopped services and Started services and I cannont get the application to re-start.   I've receiving the following errors when trying to redeploy or start the app:    bash-2.05# ./niku remove app
Removing service(s)...
No registered service(s) found.
bash-2.05# ./niku add app
Adding service(s)...
bash-2.05# ./niku deploy app
Deploying service(s)...

Failure occured:
/niku/niku6/.setup/scripts/deploy.xml:82: Following error occured while
executing this line
/niku/niku6/.setup/scripts/deploy.xml:156: Following error occured while
executing this line
/niku/niku6/.setup/scripts/j2ee/orion/deploy.xml:133: Neither file:
/niku/niku6/orion-app-deploy/config/server.xml nor default file
/niku/orion/config/server.xml exist.    The Keystore path is /usr/home/niku/niku6/config/clarity-staging-2009.keystore.   However, there doesn't appear to be a   certificate or a password that I can sync with the SSL Password.