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CA Clarity General Discussion - FAQs

Question asked by Dave on Jan 18, 2010
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Forum FAQs

This thread is intended to be be a one-stop FAQ thread for the CA Clarity General Discussion
board at Note that the "forum" was migrated to the new Jive platform in June2014

and so some references in this FAQ may be out-of-date.

We will attempt to collate all FAQs in this thread and provide links to relevant discussions
where possible.

So please look in this thread to see if your Q has already been discussed!

(You can also use the "Search" functionality on the board - this is the through the search box
at the top-right of the screen next to your profile options).


Q : What is the forum etiquette?

A : This forum is populated by Clarity users / administrators / consultants and CA-staff,
all mainly in their personal time. It is no-ones "job" to answer questions on this board and
all guidance given is advisory at best. YOU are responsible for any consequences of using advice
given on this board in your Clarity environments, testing any advice in development environments
is ALWAYS recommended.

For formal support from CA you should ALWAYS contact CA-support, you can NOT rely on statements
made on this board to deliver "CA-supported" functionality, (but usually "un-supported" advice is
marked as such).

That said, the board inhabitants are usually a friendly bunch and will try to help you out (if they

If you do post a question and get a good answer, please mark the "Solution" (only you, the original
poster can do this) and award nice friendly "Positive Ratings" (the little "thumbs-up" on the post
as you see fit (any poster can award "Positive Ratings"). Posts with "Positive Ratings" are generally
seen as "good advice"!

Please try to remember that this is a global forum; everyone's first language is not always English
and that the clearer and more understandable your posts, the more likely you will get a good


See this useful thread for some examples of how to respond to threads/mark answers etc;
Communities: Responding to Replies.

Topic : CAFORUMS / CA Clarity General Discussion


Q : How do I "Search Forums"

A : Use the "Search" box on the main page!

This is located in the top-right of the screen and might look like a "site-search" rather than a "forum-search"
but it really does search forum posts (amongst other options!)


Q : People mention TAG-ing, whats that?

A : Posts can be TAGed (by users) with keywords, this helps searching.


Topic : Hidden Pages - "Undocumented" useful functionality

NOTE from v13 the 'syntax' of the application URLs changes slightly from earlier (v7/8/12) versions.


Q : Flushing the Cache

A : This undocumented page in the Clarity GUI allows the administrator to clear the application
caches, either selectively or all-at-once. Using this page is an alternative to the trusted
"start and stop" the app services method of picking up configuration changes or forcing the system
to refresh pages from the application server.

Whilst this is "unsupported" by CA, it is generally accepted that this functionality can be used. The
alternative to using the hidden functionality is to "stop and restart" the app service.

The functionality can be accessed by administration users in all current versions of Clarity (7.5.x to 12)


Further Discussion :
Clearing cache
Flushing the cache


Q : Running XOG from the Clarity Application URL

NOTE From v13.3 this hidden page has been removed from the GUI (for performance/stability reasons) - see this thread for some detail.

A : This undocumented page provides a simple XOG client. Type (paste) the XOG XML into the
top window, press "Run" and the output will appear in the lower window.

You should NOT build any integration solutions that rely on this screen, the normal XOG functionality
is the only CA-supported way of integrating data to Clarity.

The functionality can be accessed by administration users in all current versions of Clarity (7.5.x to 13.2)


Further Discussion :
Run/Invoke XOG from Clarity application URL


Q : Viewing / releasing locks

A : This undocumented page provides an overview of all system "locks".
For example "Import Export Lock" is a project that is currently locked (being editted in OWB/MSP),
the other available lock types refelect system functionality.

(This screen is displaying the contents of the PRLOCK table)

But you should NOT really be "clearing locks" using this screen unless explicty directed to by CA-Support


Further Discussion :
Clarity randomly locking Projects when making updates through UI


Q : Viewing the LOG Files from the application

A : This page in the Clarity GUI allows an admin user access to the server log files without having to access the CSA

This functionality can be accessed by administration users in only the later versions of Clarity (i.e. starting v13) and only on TOMCAT installations.
Using this "hidden page" should not replace normal access to log files through the CSA or directly on the server itself.


Q : Web Services Interface (WSDL)


A : This page is the starting point of the system documentation for the web-services provided
by your application. CA-provided actions/queries will be found here, along with any custom
NSQL queries you have built. All are available to be call via a web-service from YOUR web-service
enabled client. Of course it is up to YOU / your systems integrator to "code" the client end of this

This page is documented is the CA-provided "Integration Guide"


Further Discussion :
Programmatic access to Clarity
Extracting Data from Clarity
.NET Calling web service
Clarity XOG.wsdl


Topic : Documentation


Q : Where can I get the CA-documentation (for my version) from?

A : The documentation is all downloadable from
follow the "Dosumentation" link on the left of the portal.

Note you may have to register / login with your support id to access this.

Current and older-product versions are all available.

Also refer to the CA "Green Papers" (support login required) for useful guides;

Try this link if the one above doesn't work!

Under 'Project and Portfolio management' there is (as of May2011)

CA Clarity PPM: Implementing Security In CA Clarity PPM (Publication date 03/31/2011)

CA Clarity PPM: Database Tuning for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 v2 (Publication date 12/06/2010)

CA Clarity PPM: Integration Best Practices for Microsoft Office Project (Publication date 07/16/2010)

CA Clarity PPM: Project Scheduling with Microsoft Office Project (Publication date 03/01/2010)

CA Clarity PPM: Integrating with CA SiteMinder (Publication date 06/08/2010)

CA Clarity PPM: Comparing Scheduling Tools - Open Workbench and Microsoft Office Project (Publication date 02/02/2010)


Q : Where can I get NSQL documentation?

A : The only guides to NSQL are the CA-provided "Studio Developer's Guide".

However NSQL can be seen as a "wrapper" for the core SQL in use on your database (Oracle or SQLServer).
Any SQL literate developer should have little problem developing with NSQL.


Q : Where can I get XOG documentation?

A : The CA-provided "Integration Guide".

Further Discussion :
There are many threads on this board (and indeed a dedicated subboard FOUND HERE ) related to XOG issues/questions.

For example;
XLS --> XML Conversion using StylusStudio2010 and Altova MapForce2010


Q : Where can I get GEL documentation?

A : The only formal guides to GEL are the CA-provided "Integration Guide".

Note that GEL is just an implementation of the (open-source) Apache "jelly" language which is documented
here ;

(if you are a seasoned web-developer, that should all be meaningful to you!)

There are also some informal GEL guides written by CA professionals attached to posts in this forum
in the past. I have reattached the files ( to this this FAQ post (June2010) since attachments appear to have been
lost with the forum reboot in May2010.

Further Discussion :
There are many threads on this board (too many to link here) related to GEL issues/questions. Search around
you might find your question already answered - but don't be afraid to create a new thread if not!


Q : Does GEL work over SSL?

A : Yes

See discussion here ; Gel scripting and SSL


Q: Where can I find all resolved defected in current Clarity releases?

A: This link is being updated as new SP and releases for 8.1.1 and higher are announced: CA Clarity Project & Portfolio Manager - Service Pack Information / Resolved Defects Index

(For others and future patches you should search on the support site KB)


Q: Where can I see the latest generic patch version, and the readme file for each patch, without having the actual jar files?

A: There is one KB per version, containing the details:

12.0.6 Generic Patch. Reference TEC522707
12.1.0 Generic Patch. Reference TEC542313
12.1.1 Generic Patch. Reference TEC553491
12.1.2 Generic Patch. Reference TEC572267
12.1.3 Generic Patch. Reference TEC570813
13.0.0 NO Generic Patch.
13.0.1 Generic Patch. Reference TEC572268
13.1.0 Generic Patch. Reference TEC581256


Q: Where can I find CAWorld presentations?

A: Helpfully CA have uploaded (most of) the CAWorld10 presentations here;

with just the Clarity (PPM) ones here;

(Note : these links may not be active after 2010)

A: CAWorld11 sessions are (as of Nov11) available in the Agenda Builder ( in the CAWorld11 site;

As of 1200 GMT 8th Dec 2011, the following can be found;

PB102SN: PPA602SN : Establishing Enterprise Prioritization for IT Demand at US Bank with CA Clarity
PB105SN: PPA603SN : A CIO Story: Driving IT Transformation from Louisiana Dept of Health and Hospitals to Beryl
(no PDF) PB203SN: PPA606SN : Don't Leave Money on the Table: Optimize the Tax Benefits of Project-related Investments - Deloitte
PC106SN: PPA608SN : Opportunities and Challenges for IT Governance at the Dawn of Cloud Computing
PC305SN: PPA607SN : Jetting Into the Cloud with Clarity PPM and Service Desk
PP100SN: Getting Started with CA Clarity Resource Management
PP101PN: Clarity Outside of IT: Supporting the Corporate Business Strategy
PP102SN: Leveraging CA Clarity PPM to Improve IT Resource Demand & Capacity Management
PP103SN: Demand and Portfolio Management: From Ideas through Implementation at BNP Paribas Fortis
(no PDF) PP104SN: CA Technologies' PPM Strategy and Roadmap
(no PDF) PP106SN: Selecting the Right PPM Provider & Creating PMO Best Practices
(no PDF) PP107SN: T-Mobile USA Case Study: Aligning CA Clarity PPM with Evolving Business Goals
PP108SN: CA Clarity for Video Game Production
PP109PN: CA Clarity PPM On Demand Panel
PP110SN: Roadmap to IT Governance Supported by CA Clarity PPM
PP111PN: Innovate with CA Clarity for New Product Development (NPD)
PP112SN: Best Paths to Resource Management Maturity with CA Clarity PPM
PP113SN: TAA12SN : Ericsson and Clarity: Half a Million Projects - A Very Large Non-IT Implementation
PP114SN: The Crawl, Walk, Run Approach to Implementing PPM at Industry Canada (IC) within the Government of C
PP115SN: City of Boston-Journey to PPM Excellence
PP116SN: Levi Strauss Drives Executive Sponsorship with Business Analytics
PP118SN: Using PPM for SIP Progress and Risk Management at BP
PP119SN: Planning for the Needs of a Growing Project Portfolio - A CIO and Services Perspective
PP200SR: PP200SS : What's New in CA Clarity PPM v13
PP201PN: Getting Started with Portfolio Management and Financial Management
PP202SN: Managing the Innovation Lifecycle with Clarity PPM, Idea Vision, Product Vision, + CA Agile Vision
(no PDF) PP203SN: Portfolio Management Solution - Taking Advantage of CA Clarity High-Value Functionality
PP205SN: Using Clarity to Manage your Application Portfolio
PP206SN: Using MS-Project with Clarity PPM- Opening Pandora's Box or Finding the Holy Grail?
PP207SN: De-mystifying CA Clarity Financials: A Simple Guide for Implementation + Driving Business Value
PP300SN: The ABC's of XOG
PP301SN: Using CA Clarity PPM to Manage Professional Services
PP302SN: Performance and Scalability in CA Clarity PPM: Avoiding common configuration and customization
PP303PN: Taking Reporting to the Next Level with CA Clarity PPM and Business Objects Universes
PP304SN: Results Driven Clarity PPM Performance Tuning
PPA611SN: EC110ENA: CA Clarity PPM v12: Get Straight A's in Managing Resources Effectively (Part 1 of 2)
PPA612SN: EC110ENB: CA Clarity PPM v12: Get Straight A's in Managing Resources Effectively (Part 2 of 2)
PPA613SN: EC111ENA: Almost Everything You Want to Know About CA Clarity PPM v12: MS Project Integration (Part 1 of 2)
PPA614SN: EC111ENB: Almost Everything You Want to Know About CA Clarity PPM v12: MS Project Integration (Part 2 of 2)
PPA615SN: EC112EN: New in CA Clarity PPM v12.1: Personal Dashboarding

A ZIP file of most of the sessions has also been uploaded to this community's document library - the link to the file's download page is HERE and a direct link to the ZIP itself should be


Topic : Clarity System Maintenance / Health Checks


Q: How do I keep my Clarity system healthy?

A: Thats a BIG discussion - no one can give you a single answer to that! :dry:

Further Discussions :
The Tuesday's Tips subboard contains some great information

There are many threads on this board concerned with this topic, have a Search around!

...heres some example threads;

How do make sure Clarity is "healthy?"

Topic : Useful TEC Articles

Of course a SEARCH on MyCA (support) will find the Knowledge Base (KB) Technical Notes (TECxxxxxx), some useful ones are highlighted below;


Q: How do I enable 'SQL TRACE'?

A: V13 onwards ; TEC573491 Using Clarity v13 SQLTrace

pre V13 ; TEC435531 Using Clarity SQLTrace


Q: How do I trace what is happening between Clarity and OWB 'SQL TRACE'?

A: TEC468125 : Clarity: How do I enable Scheduler logging for Open Workbench troubleshooting?


((Still, always) Work in progress)


Note to board , please don't carry on any "discussions" in this thread, if we do then it will lose
its usefulness! If you want to add a new FAQ (and please do!) then please format it as above and
post it in the "FAQ Discussion" thread which I monitor;

FAQs - Discussion thread


David Morton


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Note that I (Dave) am no longer able to update this particular FAQ thread as my original "Dave" account will become inactive - I use the "Dave_3.0" now.

I've also been a bit lax in updating the links and some of the newer version comments, CA World collateral etc - sorry about that!


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