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Any workaround for finish date automatically set to read only with assignm

Question asked by vtleogal on Jan 18, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2010 by vtleogal
Hi  I've been told this is working as designed by CA, but I  don't recall having this issue in my years of using Clarity. we are on V12. The task finish date is automatically getting set to read only once time is logged and no ETC exists (thus assignment status= completed even if just one resource). There are many scenarios, but this is the most common for us:keep in mind we are a new client who had to start time entry Jan 1 while PMs build their project plans- this includes very small projects where there may not be formal estimations per phase. Each project has a template associated to it that had a date of 1/4/2010 in orderto get time entry started.  -Have  a project with multiple tasks on it. Resources are on the team tab, but no formal assignments yet (again, getting started)- Resources begin logging time to the project mostly using template tasks that are actual tasks to be used on a project. Let's say you have Task 1 with a date of 1/4/2010 and no resources assigned.- Resource B is on the project team, but not ready to log time to task 1, but does pull it into their timesheet (or it populates)- Resource A DOES log time to Task 1- Time is posted- system automatically creates an assignment to task 1 with resource A and B (this is fine)- Resource B shows in the assignment tab as Assignment status   not started- Resource A shows an assignment   status of COMPLETED- Task 1 now has a read only finish date.  CA is saying this is funct as designed, but is this not then is  forcing a way to work?. The only way to open up the finish date is to add an ETC to at least one resource.. When you add the ETC, the date automatically moves (another nuiance, but  at least the date can be changed)  I have attended many resource classes where CA instructors advise that you don't have to use ETC, that you can use % allocation only, but you can't with this logic. PMs now are stuck. .    I thought about doing a process and played with it some.   I thought about using a dummy resource, but then everyone would have to add this dummy resource to every task and have an ETC associated to it. How are others handling this situation? If the system allows users to pull in tasks to which they are assigned (yes our parameter is set to Y for obvious reasons) then any client that is not following very rigid PM practices cannot run their projects. Has anyone else never had a problem with this? I found a work around in OWB that is not very friendly as well. I have asked CA to show me the documentation where it states this is how it occurs and the business reason behind it.  I would appreciate any input from others? I will submit in ERQ, but curious if anyone has any other work around that makes this easier? We have hundreds of projects now that the dates cannot be adjusted without messing with resource ETC/dates and thus allocations (we will be using allcoate from estimates once schedules are loaded)