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MS Excel 2002 and R12 - Compatible ?

Question asked by kenjolly on Jan 25, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2010 by kenjolly
Hi,  I did a search for excel 2002 and r12 compatibility but couldn't find anything so was hoping someone could help me.  We're currently on 8.1.0 fp02 and are trying to upgrade - we've been recommended to upgrade to r12.5 (the latest version I think). Initially we had doubts about Actuate reporting but the product architecture stack for r12 does say it will work with Actuate rather than BO.  However i did notice that excel 2002 is NOT supported - it only mentions Excel 2007.  Can anyone confirm whether this is true or has experience of using r12 with Excel 2002 (our current desktop isn't due to be refreshed until later this year where we'll be going to excel 2007 (and IE8 which isn't supported by any version of Clarity)) ?  Many thanks for any consideration.