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Post to Wip - Location Filter

Question asked by Aarti on Jan 27, 2010
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I have two users - both are in the same user partition and both have the Global access right - "Financial Process - Work in Process" which -  Allows access to the WIP screens and allows resource to process WIP for all transactions in the WIP table.  However, when one resource tries to select locations from the Locations filter in 'Post to Wip' screen, he can view all the locations whereas the other can see only two locations.  I have also checked Locations under FOS and tried checking other access rights of the users, but could not figure out any difference.  I also tried to find out the Locations lookup. Found one 'Location Browse' but it just had a simple select on locations table in the NSQL query.So I think this lookup on PTW screen is a different one and cannot be seen under Lookups listing.  Am I missing something here? Does the resource need to be added in some pre-defined list ?  Thanks. Message Edited by Aarti on 01-27-2010 05:37 AM [left]