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Using 'canned' Project Stoplight report icons in custom report... trouble

Question asked by matpj on Jan 27, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2010 by Paul_Kitko
Hi all,  I am trying to create a Project RAG listing and wanted to use the icons found in the Project Stoplight report that comes with Clarity (certainly 7.5.3)now, the canned Project Stoplight report (portdash.rox)   has the following code behind the icons: Function BrowserCode( ) As String
Dim a as Integer
a = GetControlValue("MaxRisk")
If a = 3 Then
dhtmlStr = " "
ElseIf a = 2 Then
dhtmlStr = " "
ElseIf a = 1 Then
dhtmlStr = " "
dhtmlStr = ""
End If
BrowserCode = dhtmlStr
End Function       when I run this report in Clarity and right-click on the images they display the following URL property:http://nikulive:8080/acweb/images/WdgSLightRed.gif    if I use the browser code, in the above code snippet in my custom report, my images are not displayed, and when checking the properties they display the following URL:http://nikulive:8900/acadmin/images/WdgSLightGreen.gif    can anyone tell me why the same bit of browser code translates into different image URLs?Many thanks...Matt