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Participants not being correctly assigned after XOG

Question asked by KartheepanR on Feb 1, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2010 by another_martink
Hi All,  I am encountering an issue with participants and collaboration manager assignments when doing XOG.  I am xogging Projects out from Clarity 8.1 and then writing to Clarity 12.   I am using the prj_projects_read.xml. I have noticed that the collaboration manager assignment is not being carried over automatically.  Also,not all participants are being migrated over. The staff page displays the correct number of staff and details, but the participation page does not. However, missing participants are not part of the Staff. I haven noticed this behaviour on many projecs that have been ported from Clarity 8.1 to 12.        Has anybody encountered this scenario before?  Any help would be most appreciated.    Thanks,  Kart.