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Strange Behaviour - Text field in Filter not working...

Question asked by AndreaMc on Feb 2, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2010 by another_martink
I have set up a custom nsql query that pulls project name, resource obs unit and task category as well as the monthly actuals for each combination.The query runs perfectly, I have used it many times.However I had to make a small change when we modified our resource obs structure.   To allow the change, I had to delete the associated portlet (:p).   The change was not structural, it was just a modification to the 'where' statement to point to a different obs.   No problem, right?I reran the query and it works like a charm.   No issues whatsoever.I rebuilt the portlet and ran it...   looks perfect.  However, when I attempted to run a search for a specific project name using the filter, it returned no results.I tested all the other filter fields and they perform normally.  I tested the power filter and had the same issues with the project name.  The previous portlet / filter worked normally.I rebuilt both the query and the portlet thinking that there may be an issue with a record corruption, but I had the same issues again.Anyone seen anything like this before??Thanks...Andrea