Attribute Defaults, Views & Partitions

Discussion created by DanielSGHE on Feb 5, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2010 by Chris_Hackett
Environment:7.5.3 FP06 (upgrading to 12.0.5 shortly)Oracle 10g  I was hoping someone could explain attribute default behavior because I’m not seeing what I expected with these object attribute default settings.   Here’s what I know… We have four total partitions in the system with each representing different business units. We have two attributes that display on the Project Properties page - 'Charge Code' - a system attribute I believe and 'WBS Code' - a custom attribute for projects in all partitions. We are unable to set different default WBS/Charge Codes per partition at the attribute level.   IE: Default Services Partition ‘Charge Code’ to ‘XXXXXXX’ and default DEV ‘Charge Code’ to ‘YYYYYYY'.
It appears you can set the attribute default at the view level - Object | Task | Views | Task Properties â€" Fields per partition.   What I’m unsure of is if a default Charge/WBS code is set at the view level (using the ‘Fields’ link) on a certain partition, will that over-write any existing charge codes already present in tasks?   My tests in out test environment (7.5.3) do not indicate this behavior but I wanted to check first.   Bottom line - how can we set different default charge/wbs codes per partition without over-writing any existing codes?   TYIA,  Daniel