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Project View: Template Filter - How to restrict this to only templates?

Question asked by suep on Feb 10, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2010 by raise.clarity
Our  filter view that shows up when clicking on "new from template" allows filtering on the Project Name, project ID, OBS Unit, OBS Unit Filter Mode, Manager, Active flag, and is_template. I want to change is_tempate to a read only value defaulted to yes, to prevent users from creating a project from a non-template (due to a number of implications with our required fields and process triggers). I was able to do this and have the filter appear as though it worked, but all projects show up in the list, even those non-templates. But if I change the selection of OBS Unit Filter Mode to "Unit and Descendants", it works fine.  Unfortunately, I can't see how to change the default of this selection, since it comes with the OBS Unit. I did try removing OBS Unit from the filter, and that didn't work, probably again because I couldn't change the default. Any suggestions?