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Timesheet Issues - Need help with SQL Statement

Question asked by armsct48 on Feb 11, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2010 by armsct48
Hi Gurus!   Hi Patrick,[left] I closed all projects for 2009 and then XOGed in the current 2010 projects.[left] However, there are two  resources - that I know of - whom applied their  time to the closed 2009 projects instead of the new 2010.   (Some of the 2010 projects have the same name as the 2009 projects but is now called xxxx2010).   Apparently, the Project Managers re-opened the projects to allow for the resources to enter this time.   The time periods are for 12-12-09 thru[left] I need to pull data from the Timesheets from 12/12/09 â€" 1/15/10. All resources who charged a project that has “2009 or CY09, or 09â€? in the project title . If possible I need the resource name, manager, project title, project # , date, and hours.      I  need help with writing a  SQLstatement  to retrieve this information from the database.   Or  is it possible  to get the data   another way.   Thanks![left]  [left][left]