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ETC updates and adjusted timesheets (Error?)

Question asked by Dave on Feb 16, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2010 by another_martink
I have a TASK, I assign a single resource to it and set the ETC as 100 (hours).  I book a timesheet for that resource, booking 25 hours to the task.  Timesheet gets posted.....  Task Actuals now say 25 hours, ETC says 75 hours.  (all OK so far!)  I then ADJUST my timesheet; I change my 25 hours to 10 hours.  Adjustement timesheet gets posted.  Task Actuals now say 10 hours.......   (ok!)  But what do we thing the task ETC SHOULD be now?  (I think it should be 90 hours.... Clarity leaves it as 75 hours?).    So who is right, me or Clarity?  (Reproduced on a v8.1FP03 environment AND a v12SP05 environment)