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Status Attribute on the Project Object

Question asked by Spelo on Feb 17, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2010 by picis
The status attribute on the project object utilizes the Lookup Investment Object State which has  9 values all of which are active and system restricted so you cannot deactivate any of them. When on the application side in projects with the status field set as a pull down it only displays three values approved, cancelled and unapproved, I need to make the status of On Hold available. I performed some small test to see if I could change it so that On-hold would display but there are no options to do that on either the attribute itself in the project object or the view section, fields option. As the lookup is system restricted you can't do anything their either.When I switched the field type to a browse however and went back to the admin side all the values appeared which seems strange, is there some logic behind this lookup when it is the field settings is a pull down?  Any suggestions welcome on how to resolve this as I would prefer to leave it as a pulldown vs browse field.