Import Financial Actuals - difference in functionality between versions 8.

Discussion created by Job on Feb 18, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2010 by Chris_Hackett
Is the below correct: 1. A project has some actuals logged against it & I can see these on the Tasks-> Assignments tab. 2. I go to Create WIP Adjustment & reverse the above transaction. Then I go to Approve WIP Adjustment & approve the above reversal. 3. Now I run the Import Financial Actuals job. After the job completes successfully, shouldn't the actuals seen in Tasks-> Assignments tab be updated to zero since the transaction has been reversed? NOTE: The actuals get reversed to zero for some transactions in 8.1.1 after I run the job. But they dont get reversed to zero in 12.0.5 at all! Am I doing anything wrong? Am I missing out a step? Has teh functionality of this job changed in v12.0.5?