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Does anyone know the documentaion on how allocate from estimates work?

Question asked by vtleogal on Feb 18, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2010 by vtleogal
I used to have this, but cannot find it anywhere on the support site. I need to know the algorithm/calculation of how allocate from estimates work. I am starting to doubt my years of experience :)   lol       Or, does anyone just know it or can explain it "easily"The reason I ask: our data is very inconsistent. Here is one that really bothers me:Resource A is allocated to a maintenance project at a fixed loading pattern for the year,, thus avg allocation per week is 16 hrs. (used allocate from Estimates to achieve the allocation since it is a project, not a bucket and the default allocation is 100% team dates 1/1-12/31/2010))- No other allocations- Create a project schedule where the only assignments for the resource are from 2/8- 4/10 with a total ETC = 160 hrs.   The resource has logged time to tasks in the past (Jan) but no ETCs exist.- Team dates are 2/8- 4/20- Choose allocate from estimates and the allocation comes out to be 68 hrs..- Our parameter is set to pad the allocation 10%- our default allocation = 0% but even if I use 100% I do not see any difference.  It creates like 5 allocation segments  Any ideas?? Resources are hard booked. I am wondering if anyone at some point did a commit planned or hard allocation option, but I cannot tell. I have seen an allocation discrepancy like this on many resources,   and the only way I can really resolve it is to manually set the allocation %, but this won't work for this resource, since there are several assignments with different ETCs.  Any advice is welcomed :)  Lynn