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Unable to see task constraints

Question asked by vogtce on Feb 19, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2010 by vogtce
We are running Clarity 8.1.0 FP 03. According to the documentation I should be able to set/change task constraints when creating tasks, or editing them from the Task Properties page. The Constraint fields are those that set a date rule such as "Must Start on," "Start No Later Than," or "Finish No Later Than." I am unable to see any fields that would allow me to set such a date rule. I searched CA Support and came up with one article stating the following: To see the Dependencies link and constraints on the Task page you need the Global right 'Management - Schedule In Browser', and you must have 'Project - Edit Management' to the project, or global 'Project - Edit Management All'.  I verified that I have both global rights mentioned above as well as all instance rights to the project and I still I cannot see anything that looks like a constraint field. I do have the dependencies link. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks much, Claudia