OWB Autoscheduling Fixed Duration Tasks - ERQ CLRT-51588

Discussion created by GemrichA on Feb 19, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2010 by Chris_Hackett
We have issues when autoscheduleing fixed duration tasks in OWB.   If you have similar problems and wish to support this ERQ, please open a case with CA support and ask about ERQ CLRT-51588.   Here are the details.      Provide the ability to schedule fixed duration tasks with low allocation resources and have the tasks schedule based on dependency rather than resource availability.      Example: A review meeting task for a project deliverable is going to occur in one day or less (task duration fixed to 1 day).   Among other resources, a subject matter expert (SME) resource with low allocation (maybe 5-10% allocation) to the project is assigned to the task.   We would like the task to be scheduled after its predecessor task and if necessary over commit the SME resource.   Unfortunately, current behavior will not over commit the SME resource and may schedule the task beyond the current project finish, which could be months or years out if the allocation of the least available resource isn’t sufficient to schedule the task (e.g. 3 hr review meeting and resource has