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Portlet Configure OBS - Error 500

Question asked by isabelleallen on Feb 22, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2010 by isabelleallen
Hi everyone,  Im hoping someone can help... We have set up a portlet page with 7 tabs which all our users can access for reporting.   Yesterday one of the TL's was looking for something a little more specific so i jumped into his profile to configure his view (via actions / configure).   I updated one tab which is based on an NSQL query (which i have attached) to save the filter to be his teams OBS specifically as a default & saved & exited.   As the configuration view closed back to the portlet i got an error 500.   The error 500 only relates to that portlet for that user.   Any ideas how i might be able to restore his previous settings?   Ive attached the data from the app-niku-log as well in the hope it might help to diagnose the issue... its saying 'portlet service request failed for portlet: ActualsForTeam'.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Isabelle