PPM- Project Status Dashboard disappeared.

Discussion created by vtleogal on Feb 24, 2010
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We had our page layout on projects to be the PPM- Project Status Dashboard and it was working fine. However, I had a user who could not see one of the portlets, even though she had access (her security group)So I went to look at the portlets associated to this page under Pages>PPM project status dashboard> content>dashboard and there you can view the content of each portlet. Indeed the access was there.I did publish them again, but found nothing odd... however now when you select that option on the project, the dashboard tab completely disappears! It shows up for every other layout option. Again, it was working fine, but since I "touched" it it now disappears, even for me, as admin-- Anyone know why?  I will log this to support if anyone does not know, but that will be a long process, so I am hoping someone here might have  an idea faster:)     If it helps, we were live midway (CA did our entire envrionment setup) and I noticed our PMO accelerator add in had not been installed, so they installed it. ALSO,, the dashboard works fine in QA and DEV (I made sure to not touch it there) and I have Prod setup EXACTLY like QA and dev.. any other things contribute to this?I cannot find any documentation on this dashboard, .. not even under the PMO Accelerator guide.. just hoping someone has an idea of what might have caused it to disappear (the dashboard tab on projects)-- the page and portlets are all visible in Studio.  Thanks,Lynn