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Clarity Custom JDBC jar files vs. Oracle Thin Drivers

Question asked by clevesque on Mar 2, 2010
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Does anyone understand the differences in capability between using the Clarity custom jar files provide with the product and the Oracle Thin drivers that comes packaged with Oracle?   I'm running WebLogic 10.1.0 with Oracle 10g.   The WebLogic configuration is setup to use the Oracle Thin drivers and what I'm finding is that is appears as though only some of the data and configuration information for the objects, portlets, etc. are available through the GUI. It's almost like I'm only getting part of the table.   The WebLogic version was 9.2.2 and had to be upgraded to 10.1.0.   The identical EAR file was copied over from the 9.2.2 platform and then deployed in 10.1.0.   The issue was the the custom jar files didn't seem to be cooperating with the need WL platform.  So do the custom jar files (c-oracle, c-sql, etc) HAVE to be used in order the for the GUI to properly function with the DB?  Thanks for any help.   Message Edited by clevesque on 03-02-2010 08:20 AM [left]