Clarity Auto Schedule & integration option

Discussion created by Sreekant on Mar 2, 2010
hiI am new to this forum and i want some general clarification on Integration point available in Clarity. We have a requirement to invoke Auto Schedule feature from outside system.  Summarise my requirement  We are developing a UEC Portal -workflow management system (WMS) integrate with Clarity PPM to project management and schedule the work.  Project Lead selects a Go Live date (Project Finish Date) in the UEC Portal and based on the future Go Live date (Finish date), we needs to calculate the time line for other tasks using Auto Schedule. Here I want to call Auto Schedule feature in clarity from UEC Portal.For example:- I have 25 task each will take 1 or 2 or 3 days based on time line specified in the Project Plan Template in Clarity, as a whole 60 days to complete the whole project. PM will provide a future GO LIVE date ( 4/15/2010) in WMS, and we need to use "Auto Schedule" feature in Clarity PPM to come up with Project Start Date.  thanks and regardsSree