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Priority Upgrade Issue - BG Services Not Processing

Question asked by DanielSGHE on Mar 2, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2010 by DanielSGHE
We have already opened a CA support request but thought I would post here as well.  We are in the middle of our 12.0.5 PRODUCTION upgrade.   We have just successfully upgraded from 7.5.3 to 8.1 to 12.0.5.  We are having an issue running processes - processes do not show any progress.   When a process is kicked off it remains in the 'running state' showing no progress.   When a process is aborted, it remains in the 'aborting' state, never moving to aborted.  In the 'Process Engines' portlet, two of the BG's are showing status of 'running', but there are all 0 entries in 'Active Processes', 'completed processes', 'process errors', 'total load', etc.  Any suggestions at this point are greatly appreciated.   Also, unsure if it has any bearing but we were experiencing a time zone issue on one server yesterday (we have 4 VM servers total).   We cloned a working server and replaced the non-working server.   This seemed to fix the time zone issue.  TYIA,  Daniel