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Open Time Reporting Periods - Best Practices

Question asked by DCuthbert on Mar 7, 2010
Latest reply on May 16, 2012 by Slovak
Hi All,  Our administrators are a bit overzealous with open time periods (generally around 15-18 weeks) which can be a bit much with our large timesheet user base 3900. If you're a standard timesheet user there is no problem accessing the timesheets portlet, however if you are an administrator get ready to timeout (which will then be flagged as an issue by said adminstrators). I think there was a recommended number of timesheet periods you should have open but can't find any reference to it on the CA knowledge base. Interested to see what practices other sites have implemented. We are using 7.5.3 FP3 on VMWare 3.0 (using a web proxy with a 90 second timeout....yes increasing this would assist with the timeouts but you have to jump through many bureaucratic hoops to get that done).  Thanks  Dave