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Allocation Hours

Question asked by wboodras on Mar 8, 2010
Latest reply on May 16, 2012 by Slovak
When changing a resource availability, say from 8 to 7 hrs/per day, the resource availabilty rate is re-calculated throughout Clarity portlets (Resource Workloads, Weekly Details, etc.)   However, the Allocation Hours are not - is this a bug or as intended?   I can understand the Default Allocation % or the allocation slice segment not being updated.   But I would think that you would want the allocation hours to be re-calculated to reflect the new availability.   The issue I am running into is that on the Resource Workloads portlet, a resource that was "perfecttly" allocated to an 8 hrs/day availability rate will now be considered over allocated when the availability is lowered to 7 hrs/day.   The total allocated hours to all projects will still add up to 40 hrs/week while availability is now 35 hrs/week.