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budgeted cost - how to use?

Question asked by marlon on Mar 9, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2010 by marlon
We can see the attribute "budgeted cost" on the project object, and add this to the project/edit view - which allows a total budgeted cost to be entered/modified against a project.However, once a Cost Plan is created based on assignments, the budgeted cost field becomes read-only and cannot be entered or modified.  We need to be able to enter an approved budget $ against a project so that we can track actual $ against this budget, but also want to use cost Plans to see actual/forecast spend by month based on assignments.   The cost plan should be more a 'projected spend' based on assignments - which differs completely from what the approved budget $ is.  We cannot see any way to use both in parallel.  Any ideas on how this can be achieved would be greatly appreciated.Thanks