Does Clarity work with Tomcat 5.5.28?

Discussion created by Lidera on Mar 12, 2010
We need to upgrade from Tomcat 5.5.27 to 5.5.28 because of security compliance. However, when we try in our Dev environment, Clarity no longer allows users to login. It just stays at the login screen and gives you "CMN-01016: Your session has expired." We use plain Clarity login (no LDAP or SSO).  We are looking to make it work with our current version, Clarity 8.1 FP03 on HP-UX Itanium 11.23, but if a later version of Clarity is required we may look into it too. Has anyone had any success with making Clarity 8.1 or 12 work with Tomcat 5.5.28? How did you do it?