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How to link 2 7.5.3 application servers to a single Acuate Report Server?

Question asked by FL_Joan on Mar 19, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2010 by Dave
I have 2 application servers linking to a single production db.   One server is Linux with Orion and one server is Windows VM with Apache tom cat.   Eventually we will turn off the linus server and just use the Windows vm.   My acuate report server is on a windows box that also runs Orion.   The linux server is returning the acuate report with results but my Windows server just returns a page cannot be displayed pop up.   It can see that in the URL it does see my report server but it won't return any results.    Of course, I can run these same reports right out of my Acuate mangement console and the report writing tool.    Can anyone tell me why my Windows server may not be able to return results?  If I turn off all of my services on my linux application server, my new windows application server still has the same results.   It goes out to find the acuate file and pops up a window but just says this page cannot be displayed.Any ideas from anyone who has 2 app servers linked to a single Acuate report server.