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process engine status always shows “can not determine status�

Question asked by SonalVaidya on Mar 22, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2010 by ca.portal.admin
Hi Gurus,  I am experiencing one difficulty regarding background process engine, in process engine status always shows “can not determine statusâ€?. I have tried several options as well, we are using clustered environment and BG service is running on server 2.  Running single process is causing user to wait for a long time …  Cloning of the current bg service is not helping as well, have tried to add bg service on server 1 (didn’t help), changed bg java vm parameter (didn’t worked).  we are using win 2003 server and both servers are having 4 gig RAM… (  I have gone through lots of interesting threads regarding BG services in this forum  but couldn’t resolve this issue...)  Details of background services are â€"  Java VM Parameters - -Xmx1024mMaximum Concurrent Jobs â€" 10Exception Run Interval â€" normalMessage Time To Live (in minutes) â€" 120Message Receiver Interval (in minutes) â€" 5We are using only BG, beacon and NSA services in server 2... Any suggestions?  ~ Sonal