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Problem with Starting NSA Service

Question asked by DhruvClarity on Mar 23, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2010 by Dave
Hi all,         We are trying to simulate the client environment in our test server.       Details:       Clarity: v7.5.3       Application Server: Orion       Database Server: Oracle 10g       Java: jdk          When we receive the message that build is successful and link of NSA can be open from a particular url. If we try to open NSA using that url we are getting "Page not found", upon checking NSA service under services.msc it is in stopped state. After starting the service, again on refresh or accessing the url NSA service is stopped abruptly.          On this test environment we had v 12 installed earlier. But we had removed it completely and started from scratch.         We tried to install  v7.5.3 couple of times after that, but we are not able to start the NSA service after that. We also removed the NSA values from Registry before starting with installation of v7.5.3 again.         Attaching Properties.xml and NSA log file.         If any one has experinced such a situation prior, or we are doing something wrong.         Please advice  Best Regards,Dhruv