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Dealing with a long URL within a view

Question asked by Phil_S on Mar 24, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2010 by Paul_Maxwell
A studio quesiton:  I have a colleague who would like to be able to include a link to an intranet site which appears on the Work Breakdown structure page of Projects/Tasks.  The problem is that the URL is necessarily quite long. If she includes it as an attribute of the Tasks Object then it can be tied to each task and she can add it in to appear in the Project/Tasks/WBS view. However the length of the URL then throws out the formatting for the rest of the page, looks ugly and causes columns to the right of the URL to be shifted off the page.  Ideally she would like to be able to link the URL to an icon (just as "estimating" is already linked to a "calculator" icon) so that the link anchor would take up only a small (and fixed) amount of space.  I guess an alternative would be to find some way of mapping the long URL to a short one - a sort of for application on an intranet.  Is there anybody out there who has encountered anything similar and who could advise?  Many thanks.  Phil