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Updating Project Progress from Task % and Completion Status

Question asked by Ramadan on Mar 26, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2010 by another_martink
Hello,  I have a customer who is moving from Microsoft Project Server to Clarity. The customer does not want to use timesheet at the moment, and project managers are using MSP as their scheduling tool.  I am faced with the following challange:1. A task is created in MSP and assigned to a resource. The resource should be notifed by email2. The resource should enter the % complete of the task to reflect work done (no timesheets)3. The % complete should drive the project % complete (agregate with other tasks all the way up)  I am faced with the following issues:1. The resource cannot set a task status  to complete until the ETC is set to zero. and i don't want the resource to manipualte that... i just want him to enter % or mark task complete2. After the task is marked as complete (by setting to the ETC manually to zero), the project overall progress is not updated (in project tasks WBS)  I have set the track mode to none, and unchecked "Time Entry"  Any help is really appreciatedRamadan