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MSP Integartion

Question asked by Pilar_OHIM on Mar 29, 2010
Latest reply on May 20, 2010 by MaxPemberton
HI,  we are using MSP with Clarity12.01   en Production and 12.05 en   Test environment.  We have the On Demand Contract so we do not have acces   directilly to de DDBB.We are experimenting a lot of problme swith MSP, the duration of the task cahnge when   open the project in MSP and put it again in   Clarity, I have open several cases in CA Support but they are tetsting alll the time and not telling me   anything, Other thingh that happens to us is that the duration in MSP appears with decimals.  Wer have in the settings of MSP the ones tan ca recomends so I do not know whta to do an I ahve 40 Project Managers with wrong Plannings in Production    Can any body help us?The company is a   European Union Agency call OHIM.  Thanks