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Req to a Resource via Resource Finder/Replace on Project Team without dele

Question asked by mphelan on Mar 30, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2010 by Dave
I want to modify Clarity 8.1.1 so that the process of converting a Requisition associated with a Project Team to a Resource associated with a Project Team does NOT delete the Requisition content on the Project Team Requisition sub-page.  I have achieved this goal, by means of creating database triggers on these six tables:ODF_CA_REQRESOURCE
RSM_REQ_RESOURCES  One side-effect which is preventing me from having a 100% viable solution is that now the Project Team keeps both the Project Team Requisition that has been filled, as well as the Project Team Resource who has filled that requisition, listed on the team. I find this puzzling, as I have performed a SQL TRACE of the loading of the Project Team page, and found that, as far as I can see,  none of these six tables are utilized in building the data on the Project Team page.  Has anyone successfully modified Clarity to retain the Requisitions on the Project Team Requisitions sub-tab (without retaining the replaced requisition on the Project Team Details sub-tab)?