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Need advice- when to build reports around datamart tables or not?

Question asked by vtleogal on Mar 31, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2012 by steve_seaney
Hi  I have read every thread I could find on here about datamart :) and some came close to answering my question, but I would really like some input here. I am struggling to find any clear  CA documentation that could guide me in the right direction (so if you know some,please let me know)  We are building custom reports (Bus Objects.. V12 SP04) and we do not use the financial model yet. We do capture actuals. Basic reports pull actuals, custom fields, Project manager (or investment manager), investment id/name, etc.. nothing financial related.   I have setup daily timeslices and the portlets I have to capture monthly actuals (to the day) are running fine.the question revolves around reports only.I've always been taught in my CA Clarity training that building reports/portlets from the datamart (i.e. NBI tables) is mostly when dealing with financial tables, but if you need real time data, you should not use the NBI tables We do need real time data, especially when it comes to actuals.The Universes have pre-made Actuals measurements (in different "flavors" ) but I have not yet  evaluated how those are built. My pre-lim testing appears to show that these are not dependent upon the datamart.  So, after all of that :)- did anyone create custom reports pulling basic information that is NOT built off the NBI tables?-does creating reports from the other tables (i.e. not the NBI datamart related) cause performance issues or is that really based upon the information in the report (size) REGARDLESS of what tables you use?- Is one way recommended as best practice over the other?  We ARe SQL 2005 on Windows 2003 /tomcat..    My concern is that we do need real time data (it needs to be in a printed report, thus why we don't use portlets for certain things), and that is why I want to steer clear from the NBI tables as much as possible. I don't like the idea of running the DME and DME rollup jobs each time (middle of they day) we need real time data.   these reports go to Executives, and cannot be old data.. especially when the data is relatively simple : actuals and PM. These appear to be "simplistic" fields.    I greatly appreciate any input or documentation or recommendation on best practices..  thanks!  Lynn