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Impossible to delete actual inherited from labor transaction entries.

Question asked by Andreas on Apr 1, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2010 by sundar
Hello All,  Before to open a case, i would like to have your feedback about our issues.  Context : Financial management roll out.     Some transactions have been deleted in Invalid transaction pages (in error for one resource). And it was impossible to recover them.     2. In order to match the values with cost plan and recover the costs, some labor transaction has been posted as transaction entries for matching the cost values.  3.   These financial transactions have added actual into project and so the sums of actual are logically wrong. The sum of actual are the total of timesheet actual + actual inherited from transaction entries. It is easy to highlight the variance with the timesheet actual study. In the same way, i can measure the variance because the actual extracted from data warehouse are corrects.  4. I have deleted these financial transactions but their actual in hour/day are always present into project.  So do you have an idea about this issue: how to delete this actual inherited from labor transaction?. Any help would be much much appreciated !