Process and user action race condition

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Apr 2, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2010 by Chris_Hackett
Hi all,I'm  maintaining an existing  highly customized clarity installation.There is a  custom object (A)  with several processes associated to its creation.  One of those process (P)  sets the gui locked OBS association field (OC) on custom object istance creation.But......if the user clicks "save" and not "submit" when he create  an istance of this custom object, the attribute  OC  has  not been still populated by the process  P the first time the custom  object properties  page is shown. While, if the user clicks submit on  custom object  creation, and then  he opens in a second moment that object istance, the OBS association field has been correctly populated, because process P has finished.  so, when  a user clicks save on  object creation, the object properties page does not have the OBS association field (OC) populated. Despite of process P result, if the  user clicks  save or submit  at this time, the OBS association field (OC) is overwritten with a blank value (as shown on gui). A simple refresh of the page  before  save would solve this problem, but we can't ask that to the users.  Possible solution:-  The existing process P  is set to start on object creation. Another process which starts on object updates and invokes process P would solve my problem  Other ideas or comments?  Thank you in advance.  Marino