Are you a Clarity Administrator for a Government agency?

Discussion created by FL_Joan on Apr 5, 2010
I work for a local county government and our Personnel department is trying to re-classify my position.   At the moment I am classified as more of a project administrator.   Our Asst Director of Personnel would like to speak with another government based Clarity Administrator as comparison.    I know plenty of for profit company Clarity administrators to reach out to but he wants government based.  He may or may not ask about salary but more for technical requirements and day to day duties.   My job is full time Clarity supporting, training, configuring, report writing, customization, fix packs and at the moment I am upgrading us from 7.5 to 12.0.5.   I would appreciate  If you fall into this category and wouldn't mind speaking with him for a few minutes I would be most appreciative.   You can email me directly at jkelley@pinellascounty.org.