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Can't Delete Resource from Task -- Suspect Actual Thru Date

Question asked by Dotadmin on Apr 6, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2014 by Connie_Fu
Hello  I have a resource assigned to several active tasks. (There is another resource assigned to the same tasks as well.) I would like to delete the resource from the task--I have zeroed out ETC and there are no actuals associated with the resource on these tasks. When I click REMOVE box, the system displays a red message "PRJ-07582: One or more assignments cannot be deleted. This may be due to committed assignment actuals." The offending resource has an Actual Thru Date (10-24-09) and the task's Start Date is 6/11/2010 and Finish is 6/17/2010.  I suspect this Actual Thru Date is the culprit but can't seem to change/delete it. It appears for the resource I can't remove. It does not appear in the other resource and I have been able to remove/re-add it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Larry