Portlet depend on subobject instances in the object.

Discussion created by Majlos on Apr 8, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2010 by Chris_Hackett
Hello  I need to do portlet which is depend on the subobject in the object.  I have subobject on the Project object.This subobject has many instances. One atribute from the List is link to the portlet. But I need to put as parameter to the portlet the ID of the instance.Now I can put in the portlet   project ID   parameter url: http://clarity:3030/niku/app?action=projmgr.projectProperties&odf_view=projectCreate.subObjList.mz1_mh_emz&id=5002033&odf_pk=5002033&parentObjectCode=project&odf_concrete_parent_object_code=project&odf_parent_id=5002033&odf_cncrt_parent_id=5002033  I need to put here the ID from the subobject but I do not want to go to the subobject instances.url: http://clarity:3030/niku/app?action=odf.mz1_mh_emzProperties&grandparent_odf_view&odf_concrete_parent_object_code=project&odf_pk=5005000&odf_code=mz1_mh_emz&  And I need to put odf_pk=5005000 as a parameter to the portlet  It is possible to do this?  Thank for answer  Milos