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Data Mart Project/Resource Settings and effect on Reports

Question asked by KartheepanR on Apr 8, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2010 by another_martink
Hi All,  I am trying to get my head around  the Clarity Data mart, jobs that  populate  fact tables using the datamart and the datamart settings themselves.  So far I have come to conclude that, the NBI datamart Fact tables will be populated based on the Project/Resource OBS values listed and the Datamart Extraction jobs will populate only for those listed Project/Resource OBS in the Datamart settings.  Is that a correct statement?  The OBS values that we have currently, may not be accurate, as they point to OBS units that we used to place unassigned projects, and resources. If the reporting tables are being populated by the wrong OBS values in the datamart settings, then  would that explain incorrect reporting results?  In the end, I would like to  figure out the correct datamart settings, and how they affect the Clarity base reports.  Any suggestions/advice would be appreciated.  Thanks,  Kart.