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Process View Instance Access rights is not an view only rights.Is it a Bug?

Question asked by sundar on Apr 15, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2010 by sundar
Dear Gurus,  we are in the middle of our upgrade to v12 sp 5.we have done 1 test upgrade to v12 sp5.we want to provide the process view rights to our PMO Group so that they can check in what step the process is there.Basically they want the status of all process Initaited in a single view.i want to give only the view rights.  For viewing all the process initiated i have provided the below right

                      Process View Instance - All       --     Allows user to view all process initiated.  so that the PMO team can view it in Home Page-->Organizer-->Processes  But the bad thing is they can even delete the process instances.  Iam i missing some thing or is it a Bug?  cheers,sundar