Clarity Web Service based info path form

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Apr 20, 2010
Hi,  We are trying to create Clarity web service based info path. I am new to this field and have stuck in between.Scenario: Our Client is currently using xml based info path for internal quality audits. As they do not have this information in database, they are finding it difficult for further analysis. Hence requirement has come to set up info path form in Clarity. What we are planning is that we will give form url in clarity to open the form. Once user fills the form, data will go in clarity. Same url will be available in clarity, So that in future user can see the form again (opening of form will retrieve data from database).    Problems:(Just for investigation I’m using Risk service and not custom object service)Approach 1. We tried to create new info path form based on http://localhost:8095/niku/wsdl/object/risks web service for submit and receive. This gives four functions to me Login, LogOut, WriteRisk, ReadRisk.If i implemet WriteRisk function then in parameter field option no field appears hence i am selecting Entire XML, which gives the message something like no field has been selected hence no data will be sent to web service.If i continue then in Data Source i getmyField               QueryField                         tns:WriteRisk(Group)                  DataField                         tns:WriteRiskResponse  I have got stuck here. I do not see any attribute in query or data fields hence not able to map form field with risk web service. Also this is for Write Risk, How can i get Read Risk , Login, Logout function attributes in myFields?  Approach 2. As in first approach we are not getting any particular attribute (from myField) to map, we decided that we will create a query to select some data from database. Now if i create new info path form based on Clarity query(Which i have created) web service, I am getting Login, Logout, Query function. If i use Query function then i am gettingmyField          QueryField                       tns:Query Filter                                  risk_name                                      .                                      .                                      .              DataField                      tns:QueryResult                                Records                                                Record                                                                    risk_name                                                                  project_name  This data field i have mapped with form field, but when i run this form i get error something like Unexpected XOGOuput element. Expecting Query Result. That means i am not able to login. How i can provide session id in this form (Even hard code value would also work for testing). How can i carry authentication? Is it possible to use second approach(query) for submit and receive data?  Any help would be great!  Thanks in Advance!Regards,Sachin