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Parameterized Lookup - Project internal ID isn't passed into the parameter.

Question asked by Andy_La on Apr 20, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2014 by Georgy N Joseph
Hi,  I'm wondering if anyone have same issue as project internal ID is not passed into the parameter on the parameterized lookup  and have a resolution for it.  We are currently using CA Clarity 8.1.4 .Here  are  what  I  did:1.  Created  Project  Deliverables  sub-object  under  Project  object2.  Created  Project  Deliverable  parameterized  lookup,  the  query  used  isSELECT
 ,  @SELECT:PD.IMMI_ATT_PRJ_DEL:Deliverable@
           AND  PD.ODF_PARENT_ID  =  @WHERE:PARAM:USER_DEF:INTEGER:PROJECT_ID@3.  Created  Associated  Deliverable  lookup  attribute  on  the  Issue  object  and
mapped  the  Project_ID  parameter  to  the  PK_ID  attribute  (which  contains  the
internal  proj  ID, the 50000000 ID number)  on  the  Issue  object.

4.  Added  the  Associated  Deliverable  lookup  field  onto  the  Issue  Properties

5.  Created  Project  Deliverable  instances  for  TEST  PROJECT  -  1  project  on  the
Project  Deliverables  sub-object.

6.  Opened  Issue  Properties  page  from  the  TEST  PROJECT  -  1  project.  Then  click
on  the  binoculars  of  the  Associated  Deliverable  field  to  open  the  Project
Deliverable  lookup....The  lookup  dialog  opened  but  shown  nothing  (it  supposes
to  show  the  list  of  deliverables  of  TEST  PROJECT  -  1  project)

Why  doesn't  it  work???  Similar  parameterised  lookup  created  for  the  Idea
object  and  it  works  fine.

Please  also  refer  to  attached  sreenshots,  hope  that  they  are  helpful.  Thanks,Andy