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Auto-Change Task Dates on Related Projects

Question asked by SunnyCA on Apr 23, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2010 by RajnishS
We are using V12. We have a situation where in we need to link a few projects together especially the Tasks. For example, Master Project Schedule "M" encapsulates Project A and Project B  that must  technically work hand in hand, (meaning:  a given taskX  within Project A serves as an input to Project B's TaskY and the outcome of TaskZ on Project B serves as input TaskQ on Project A).  The summary and detail task in Project A and Project B should rollup to Master Project M  apart from the fact that Master M will have its own  Summary and detail tasks.  Note: Please  review the attached project plans to understand better.  Now my questions are,   How can we setup these projects within Clarity  (Master/Sub-Project approach doesnt work as tasks cannot be made dependent on each other) How can we automate it such that a change in start date or finish date of a task within Project A OR Project B ripples through to update all the task dates on Project A, B and M) updating the schedules?     Thanks in Advance for any pointers  -Sunny